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Event Questions

What is abseiling?

Abseiling is the process of descending down a rope under controlled conditions.

Can I really abseil safely off a building?

Qualified professionals from Zenith Events will provide the expertise and equipment to manage your abseiling challenge. No experience is necessary as all participants will receive sufficient onsite training to effectively descend the building. The roping infrastructure systems and procedures developed by Zenith Events result in safe descent experiences. All Zenith Events' equipment and operations meet or exceed Australian Standards. All participants are secured by 2 ropes, one of which is controlled by your Zenith Events dispatcher. Zenith Events has run many successful abseil events in Australia with a 100% safety record. They know how to look after a first time abseiler to ensure you feel safe, have fun and experience a great sense of achievement.

Do I need to have abseiling experience to participate?

Although previous experience may make you more comfortable on the day, it is certainly not a requirement for participation. Zenith Events will conduct a thorough briefing and training session with you prior to your descent and will take the time to answer all of your questions.

Is the event covered by insurance?

The Central Park Plunge event participants are covered by public liability insurance policies maintained by both Zenith Events and the event Charities

Do I need to be a certain age, height, or weight?

Participants must weigh less than 125kg (if your weight is greater than 125kg please contact Zenith Events prior to registering) and be aged 16 and over. Participants under the age of 18 will require the consent of a parent or guardian and a chaperone present (onsite) during the abseil.

How many people can be in one team?

Teams can comprise of 2 or more participants. But please not there will be 4 descent ropes operating. On the day it is likely that participants will descend in multiples of 4 alongside each other.

Can a disabled person or a person with health issues take part?

In most situations yes but please contact Zenith Events prior to registering so that we can discuss your specific situation and needs. You may be asked to obtain a doctor's certificate in order to clear you for participation in the event.

How do I register? How much money do I need to raise?

To register to participate in the Central Park Plunge as an individual or a team, each person will need to select their Charity of Choice, complete the online registration form and pay a $100 non-refundable registration fee. From this point, participants will need to raise an additional $1,100 per person to qualify to make a descent. Your personal fund raising page is where you direct donors to donate to your campaign. Once this amount has been raised, participants can select their preferred descent time.

What time should I arrive on the day? How much time should I allow to abseil?

Participants will be asked to arrive on site at Central Park no later than 1 hour prior to their scheduled descent time and allow 2 -2½ hours. The Central Park Plunge Experience will involve -

  • Meet and greet with Charity staff and volunteers - please arrive dressed to abseil!
  • Finalisation of paper work and information update
  • Provision of participant wristband/ valuables storage etc
  • Escort to safety briefing, equipment fit out and abseil induction with Zenith Events' staff
  • Escort to roof
  • Participant descent
  • Return to earth to be met by family, friends and colleagues
  • Photo opportunities and presentation of Central Park Plunge Participant Goodie Bags
  • Gear de fit

Further details will be sent prior to the event date

Can I choose my abseil time?
  • Participants will be provided with a confirmed descent time once they reach their fundraising target of $1100. Every effort will be made to meet requests but the descent times will be allocated by the charity.
  • All attempts will be made to schedule teams together or in subsequent descents when possible however, factors such as weather conditions, as well as an individual's pace and experience may impact upon overall timing and scheduling ability throughout the event.
What do I need to bring to the event?

Dress comfortably and wear clear or white rubber-soled shoes to protect the exterior of the building. If you plan on wearing a costume, bear in mind that Zenith Events will have the final say as to the suitability of your attire and that any loose elements will need to be tucked into the harness. It is recommended that all jewelry be "left at home". Headwear is not suitable due to the necessity of wearing a helmet and long hair must be tied back. Sunglasses and other eyewear are not permitted unless they are prescription and if worn, they must be secured by a retainer strap supplied by the participant. It is also important to empty all pockets before ascent to the rooftop, as items such as mobile phones; wallets and loose coins can become extremely dangerous falling from a height and are thus not permitted.

Can I bring my friends and family along to watch my descent?

Yes! The more, the merrier. We certainly encourage you to bring plenty of people as your support crew on the day to celebrate in your abseil challenge and achievement. Your supporters will not be able to accompany you to the rooftop however, they will be able to view your descent from the base of the Central Park building. Our event crew will announce your name as you begin your descent so that your supporters can easily spot you and follow your progress.

Can I take photographs at the event?

Your supporters are welcome to take photos of your participation in the event. Due to safety reasons, we cannot allow cameras or mobile phones to be taken onto the rooftop as you prepare for your descent. We recommend that you leave these personal belongings with a trusted friend on the ground. In addition, photographers on site will be taking general event photographs throughout.

Can I bring my Personal Recording Device?

In the interests of participant, public and staff safety, the only personal recording devices Zenith Events accepts are GoPro Cameras. Only genuine GoPro mounts of Chesty, Vented Helmet Strap, and Head Strap will be accepted. No other cameras, camera mounts or mounts attached to other parts of your body (such as limbs) will be permitted.

What happens if the event is cancelled due to bad weather?

In the event that the event is postponed on the day due to inclement weather in part or whole, the event will be delayed until it is safe to resume (on the day). If resumption is not possible, the event will be reconvened the following weekend. If on these contingency dates (the following weekend) we are also unable to run the event due to further inclement weather then the event will be deemed as cancelled for 2018 and not rescheduled again. All donations to the charity partners will be treated as such, all participants will be granted early access into the next Central Park Plunge.

Fundraising Questions

How do I fundraise?

Fundraising can be an easy and fun experience if you plan and start early. Your Charity of Choice will provide ideas for you. One way to raise your $1,100 is to compile a list of 50 (or 20) people that you know from family, friends and work, and invite each of them to donate $20 (or $50) to your personal fundraising page.

What happens if I don't reach the fundraising target?

When registering for the Central Park Plunge, participants agree to meet a minimum fundraising target of $1,100 by one week prior to the event. If you haven't reached the halfway point of this target by June, one of our event team members will contact you to discuss your fundraising plan, offer support and discuss your options. Most people reach their target easily, however, if you don't, you may be asked to make up the shortfall or risk forfeiting your spot.